fear not my knell, for the second is not last… (2018) is a sculpture derived from a bell-form gifted to the Rincker bell foundry in the 1600s, translated and contorted by a phone-scan. The object creates community between the blade it is sourced from and the new artefact generated, its sonic space made into material, lehm from the town of Sinn.

GALA DAY (2018) explores the Yugoslavian civil wars as a subtext in the sport of football and immigration policy in Australia in the early 2000’s. The work centres on the moment in May 2001, when footballer Bobby Despotovski became notorious for signing the tri-prsta. During 2014–15, Petras made appearances for Despotovski’s former clubs in the Belgrade zone league and Serbian premier division, reworking the narrative of Despotovski’s life.